Scorpion Class

The Scorpion class is comprised of students who have demonstrated excellence in “out-of-the-box” thinking. Scorpion students are innovators, finding solutions to problems previously unheard of. They are also noted for dedication and perseverance, committing fully to ideas and seeing projects through.

House Bayushi excels at the social sciences, often boasting top marks in psychology, sociology, and political sciences. Many Bayushi students become active in the student government even in years when their class is not in power.

House Shosuro oversees the school’s small but dedicated community of botany enthusiasts. Due to their efforts, the gardens of the Scorpion campus are considered by many to be a prize of the school. In recent years, House Shosuro has seen a large number of graduates move on to careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

House Soshi boasts a program for students hoping to focus on the use of illusions. Any on-campus production, whether it is music, theatre or dance, will usually have one or more Soshi students on hand to enhance the technical aspects of the piece.

House Yogo is the heart of counterculture on campus. Often, Yogo students have extravagant, eye-catching takes on the uniform. Their section of campus is a popular hangout for students, as they boast many entertainments including a full-size arcade.

Scorpion Class

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