Each student is enrolled in four classes of his or her choice each semester. Classes meet six days a week, and each day of classes is divided into five two-hour periods – one for each Ring. The order of these periods will differ from day to day, in keeping with the ebb and flow of ki around the school.

During Void Period, students have free time. Though how you use this time is up to you, the most successful students have historically been those who have used it to perform duties for the school, support their class in its endeavors, aid other students or other constructive pursuits.

At the end of each semester, students are required to pass their final exam in each of their four classes. Students will be graded solely based on their performance during the final. Bear in mind that a class’s academic performance as a whole carries significant weight in determining the victorious class at the end of the year.

Crane Class Freshman Course Offerings, Fall 2012
Air Period
Psychology 1 (Courtier)
Intro to Calligraphy
Etiquette 1
Introductory Air Magic (Spellcraft)

Earth Period
Physical Education (Athletics)
Unarmed Combat 1 (Jiujutsu)
Weaponsmithing 1
Introductory Earth Magic (Spellcraft)

Fire Period
Business & Finance 1 (Commerce)
Traditional Dance 1 (Perform)
History 1 (Lore)
Swordsmanship 1 (Kenjutsu)

Water Period
Introduction to Forensics (Investigation)
Self-Defense 1 (Defense)
Home Economics (Tea Ceremony)
Introductory Water Magic (Spellcraft)

Classes listed in italics are considered part of the core curriculum. Each student must take at least two core classes per semester. The remaining classes are electives.

In game terms, attending classes provides a small amount of bonus experience, and may provide opportunities for roleplaying and character advancement. When the time comes for characters to take their finals, each test is represented by a roll of the skill most appropriate to the class. The base TN of the roll is 15 + the (5x the grade level of the course). Simply making the roll as-is allows the student to pass with a C. For each letter grade the student wishes to improve by, the player must call a Raise. Additional Raises may be required at the GM’s discretion based on circumstances – for example, if the student constantly skipped class, is on bad terms with the professor, etc.


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