Kakita Saburo

Spoiled compulsive pickpocket


House: Crane
Grade: 2
Club: Kakita Kendo Club
Total XP: ?
Insight: 153

Earth: 3 Stamina 2 Willpower 3
Water: 2 Strength 2 Perception 2
Air: 3 Reflexes 3 Awareness 3
Fire: 2 Agility 4 Intelligence 2
Void: 2

Honor: 6.5
Popularity: up to you

Club Skills:
Ettiquette 5 / Awa / 8k3
Iaijutsu 5 / Ref / 8k3
Kenjutsu 5 / Agi / 9k4 / Focus
Kyujutsu 2 / Ref / 5k3
Sincerity 5 / Int / 7k2
Tea Ceremony 1 / Void / 3k2
Courtier 5 / Awa / 8k3

Other Skills:
Games: Sadane 2 / Awa / 5k3
Temptation 4 / Awa / 7k3
Sleight of Hand 6 / Agi / 10k4 / Pickpocket

Initiative: ?

Un-“translated” equipment:
Light Armor
Sturdy Clothing
1 weapon
Travelling Pack
10 koku

Club Technique:
Grade 1: Way of the Crane

Grade 2:

Precise Memory – 3 points
+1k1 to Intelligence rolls to remember something
Allies – 5 points (-1 to total for Cranes)
4 influence, 2 devotion

Dark Secret – 4 points
serious and serial pickpocketing
Small – 3 points
Compulsion – 4 points
pickpocketing: TN 25 WP roll to not take advantage of an opportunity


Kakita Saburo is the third son and youngest son in his family, but he does not feel he has anything to make up for. Both of his older brothers graduated from Rokugan High with great honors, and he has every intention of doing the same: the oldest, Sibune, graduated a celebrated shugenja and artist, and the second oldest, Soti, was a fearsome duelist, just as Saburo has so far showed himself to be.

Saburo is shorter than he expected to be at this age by quite some amount, but both of his brothers assure him he will have a growth spurt soon, and his mother has echoed that. He is not ashamed of his small height, but it tends to be an inconvenience, especially as he does not want to be mistaken for a first-year. To make up for it, he has worked very hard to be a formidable force with a katana, and can be found in the dojo almost as much as he can be found in the rooftop gardens with his well-connected friends.

Saburo has worked very hard to foster friendships with popular, influential Cranes in his own year and above. He had some advantage coming in, as Soti was in his fifth year when Saburo was a freshman, and so he was not much begrudged upperclassmen’s company; the rest, he has worked hard towards alone.

He does this knowing full well that some day soon he may really need their protection and excuses, their influence. His is a terribly secret, and one he has kept from his family, friends, classmates, and even roommate.

The proud Kakita has quite a collection of other people’s things: he has a fair bounty of trophies, hundreds of trinkets subtly pilfered from the pockets, bags, and even hands of other students, Crane and otherwise. At first it was a small compulsion, but with his collection now filling a miniature safe, it is safe to say that his habit of sleight of hand is quite out of control, and if someone were to find his collection, or catch him in the act…

Well, Kakita Saburo has a lot to lose.

Kakita Saburo

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