Hida Tsukai

Jealous Crab junior determined to do anything she can to keep Kuroko from being class president


House: Crab
Grade: 4 (Junior)
Club: Hida Bushi / High Impact Baseball Team
Total XP: uhm a lot
Insight: 205

Earth: 4 Sta 3 Will
Water: 4 Str 3 Perc
Air: 4 Ref 4 Awa
Fire: 3 Agi 2 Int
Void: 2

Honor: starts @3.5
Popularity: you decide

Club Skills:
Athletics 5 / Str / 10k4 /
-character no longer suffers movement penalties regardless of terrain
Defense 4 / Ref / 9k4 /
-when in full Defense, may choose to retain previous Defense roll
Heavy Weapons 8 / Agi / 10k4 (Tetsubo)
-opponents with Reduction rating have rating reduced by 2
-use of heavy weapon gives one Free Raise towards Knockdown
-Damage dice explode on 9 and 10
Intimidation 4 / Awa / 9k4
Kenjutsu 8 / Agi / 10k3 /
-total of all damage rolls with sword is increased by 1k0
-sword may be readies as free action
-damage dice explode on 9 and 10
Lore: Shadowlands 5 / Int / 8k2
Kyujutsu 4 / Ref / 9k4 /
-stringing a bow is a simple action
Iaijutsu 7 / Ref / 10k5 / may ready katana as a free action /
-readying a katana is a free action
-during a duel, gain one free raise on Focus/Void roll during Focus stage
-during Assessment portion of duel, gain a +2k2 to total of all Focus rolls if your roll exceeds opponents by 10 or more

Other Skills:
Sincerity 6 / Awa / 10k4 /
-character gains a bonus of +5 to total of all Contested rolls made using Sincerity
Perform: Oratory 5 /Awa / 9k4
Courtier 5 / Awa / 9k4 /
-character gains additional +3 insight
-character gains +1k0 to total of all contested rolls using Courtier
Investigation 4 / Perc / 7k3 /
-A second attempt to use Search Emphasis may be made without TN increase

Un-translated equipment:
Sturdy Clothing
Travelling Pack
Heavy Weapon – Tetsubo
3 koku

Club techniques
Grade 1: Way of the Crab
Ignore TN penalty for heavy armor; +1k0 for all heavy weapon damage rolls
Grade 2: The Mountain Doesn’t Move
Gain wound reduction equal to earth ring
Grade 3: Two Pincers, One MInd
Heavy or Samurai weapon can be used as a simple attack
Grade 4: Devastating Blow
Once per encounter, lower enemy’s reduction by 4; if attack is successful, the enemy is Dazed

Strength of the Earth -2
TN wound penalties are at -3
Prodigy -12
+1k0 to all school skills
Read Lips -4
as it sounds like

Cursed by the Realm: Chukushodo +4
-1k1 to all Animal Handling rolls
Disturbing Countenance +3
significant surgery scarring over arms and torso
Jealousy + 3
insanely jealous of Doji Kuroko


Hida Tsukai was born the oldest child of her parents, Hida Juko and Kaia Tasura. Despite all the modern technology, they were convinced that they were carrying a boy, but the surprise of Tsukai’s gender was no disappointment to the family. Juko declared Tsukai the most delightful surprise he’d ever had, and took great pride in all her considerable achievements as a child.

One day, however, it seemed as though his pride was to be lost; eleven-year-old Tsukai was walking the family mastiff in the nature preserve near their home and something unknown spooked the dog. The two fell down a steep incline and dislodged a moderately sized boulder, which landed on top of the dog and Tsukai both. The dog was killed, and Tsukai sustained considerable fractures. The ensuing surgeries have left Tsukai badly scarred, and she does not make any attempt to hide them. In fact, on her sixteenth birthday, she got a tattoo on her shoulder and upper arm to draw attention to the worst of the scars, a jagged pale half-moon across her shoulderblade.

Tsukai rebounded as only a Crab would, working hard to be as strong and healthy as possible, though her distrust of animals since then has left her significantly less comfortable handling them. She was the top of her freshman class from the start, and not particularly quiet about that feat, which earned her the attention of one Doji Kuroko. Kuroko spread a vicious rumor that Tsukai eventually settled the truth of by winning a duel against Kuroko’s champion, forcing Kuroko to apologize. Of course, Kuroko’s apology left something to be desired, and since then Tsukai has been driven by jealousy of the Crane’s status, and will not see the other young woman become class president— no matter what.

As a result of the scandal, Tsukai spent the summer between her freshman and sophomore years learning how to read lips, so she would be better armed against rumors in the future. It is a skill that has served her well in the past three years, and helped her maneuver to be Kuroko’s counterpart in the Crab clan.

-Have some kind of idea of her having a brand new baby brother that’s a year or so old… not sure how to work it in-

Hida Tsukai

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