Weapons and Combat

Students are of course permitted to carry their weapons on campus, and will be well-served by maintaining at least a basic level of proficiency with them. The school has numerous organizations for the practice and application of martial arts.

Combat between students, being a routine part of the high school experience, is common and encouraged. As the various classes jockey for position, students can expect to see their fellows engaged in anything from one-on-one duels to full-scale skirmishes. The school’s medical facility is of course fully-equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and healing magic to treat any injuries sustained during these bouts.

That said, we are a respectable institution, and maintain a number of rules regarding the use of weapons on campus.

Restricted Weapons: Students are prohibited from carrying or using weapons traditionally associated with the practice of ninjutsu. This includes ninja-to, shuriken, blowguns, tsubute, and neko-te. Students capable of using magic should also refer to the section regarding use of magic for additional restrictions.

Honorable Combat: As per the Code of Conduct, students are expected to hold themselves to an honorable ideal. Attacking an unarmed or unready opponent is a serious breach of the Code of Conduct.

Disruption of Classes: Students are required to keep any combat in which they are engaged from disturbing any classes or other school functions currently in session. Likewise, any ongoing rivalries or upcoming fights are not to interfere with your own studies or those of others.

Collateral Damage: Students may be penalized or fined for any destruction of property which occurs as a result of their actions. The penalty for such offenses will vary based on the extent of the damage.

Weapons and Combat

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