Mantis Class

Students placed in the Mantis class are consummate risk-takers, pitting high odds against high rewards. Many news stories about people making it big because a gamble paid off can be traced back to a Mantis student or alumnus. Students with brazen independent streaks and an ability to find creative solutions to problems – “doing things their way” – will flourish in the Mantis class.

House Kitsune tend to make fewer waves than their fellow Mantis, but the splash is just as impactful. Their student apartments observe extended quiet hours, in deep contrast to the generally boisterous living quarters of their classmates. The Kitsune are active in organizing hiking and camping trips, and many Kitsune graduates have gone on to become leaders in the field of conservation and environmental sciences.

House Moshi is ideal for students hoping to pursue the study of weather-magic. Moshi students can expect a rigorous daytime curriculum, as the method of spellcraft taught in their classes is most effective during the day. This leads to an advantage in study and free time in the evening, however. The Moshi program is best suited for students who consider themselves early birds.

House Tsuruchi has brought home countless awards, honors and trophies from archery competitions across the world. Indeed, no fewer than three Olympic medalists in the sport of archery have been Tsuruchi graduates. For this reason, the Tsuruchi Archery Team is one of the most exclusive clubs on campus, with students applying simply for the chance to join.

House Yoritomo heads the school’s sailing club. On any given day, the river running through campus is filled with their boats, including the unique and impressive floating dormitory. When not sailing, windsurfing or jet-skiing, Yoritomo students typically pursue fields of study related to both domestic and international trade, or their house’s robust and demanding Navy ROTC program.

Mantis Class

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