Crane Class

Students are chosen for the Crane Class based on their skill at arts and languages as well as their keen aesthetic sense. Refinement and etiquette are essential for a successful Crane student, and as such many students in this class come from wealthy backgrounds. In addition to art and literature classes, Crane students typically take electives that will allow them to succeed in any field they choose to pursue, usually business management and political science.

House Asahina is where Crane students with an aptitude for magic typically find themselves. These students will learn to use magic for creative and peaceful purposes. In addition, House Asahina heads the school’s orchestra, using magic to produce unearthly, beautiful music unlike any heard anywhere else.

House Daidoji is a house for the Crane’s martially-oriented students. Although Crane victories against the other classes are usually had through expert social networking and excellence at the arts, combat is a part of life at Rokugan High School. House Daidoji’s kendo dojo teaches a style that focuses on protecting others. Usually this means guarding classmates from attacks by the other classes, but as per the Code of Conduct the Daidoji will protect anyone who needs it. In addition to maintaining their house dojo, the Daidoji also organize the school’s soccer team.

House Doji is the heart of the Crane class, and has produced some of the greatest artists, executives and politicians of the last several decades. The Doji typically organize and lead the class’s efforts to oust the other classes for control of the student government, and the number of Crane mons on the school’s honor roll is a testament to their many successes. The Doji are often the leading members of the student council, and also take it upon themselves to lead the drama club.

House Kakita are the most dedicated swordsmen on campus. Selected for their rigid discipline and lightning-fast reflexes, along with requisite Crane grace and refinement, House Kakita leads one of the school’s most-successful kendo clubs. One-on-one duels between students are common, and Kakita students are expected to oversee these contests.

Crane Class

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