Code of Conduct

Our students are held to a strict standard of behavior. Our Code of Conduct, derived from our ancestors’ code of bushido, is designed to instill our students with discipline, honor and excellence.

Compassion: Competition is a large part of life at Rokugan High School, but more important is the fact that we are all a community at the end of the day. Students are to aid each other in any way they are able; through teamwork comes greater success. Upperclassmen are especially beholden to this part of the Code of Conduct, and are expected to guide and teach younger students. Taking measures to impair a student’s academic progress, taking advantage of a fellow student’s unfortunate circumstances, and hazing of any sort are all strictly forbidden.

Courage: We expect our students to face their challenges head-on. Whether in combat with another student or bringing another’s misdeed to light, students at Rokugan are chosen for the bravery that sets them apart from other teenagers.

Courtesy: All students, faculty and staff will treat each other with respect at all times. This is non-negotiable. This respect is expected regardless of any differences in status. The school uniform is a large part of this. While different classes will have variations on the uniform, all students are expected to wear a collared shirt and tie, vest and trousers during all hours when classes are in session. Ladies may wear skirts cut no higher than the knee. Activities which require special clothing (such as athletic, laboratory or ceremonial wear) are an exception to this rule. Regardless of type, clothing is expected to be clean and well-kept.

Duty: It takes our entire community to make Rokugan High School the respected academy that it is. Students will be required to help with the school’s maintenance, as well as perform duties for their class and house. All academic assignments are to be completed and turned in on time. An instruction given by faculty or staff is to be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is advisable that younger students heed the words of their sempais as well.

Honesty: Plagiarism is absolutely inexcusable, as is any sort of lying or cheating. Furthermore, any student who knows of such misconduct but says nothing is just as guilty as the perpetrator. All members of our community are to be honest and forthright with each other at all times.

Honor: Except for the most extreme cases, Rokugan High School is rarely required to enforce discipline on its students. This is because all students hold themselves to our high standards. Our students watch out for each other to ensure that all carry themselves according to the Code of Conduct, but ultimately the final judge of your actions is yourself.

Sincerity: Words and deeds have power, and our students say what they mean and act as they intend. Deception and vagary erode the school’s core values, so students should be able to take their own words and actions – as well as those of others – at face value. Taking advantage of this expectation is frowned upon.

Code of Conduct

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