Each student at Rokugan High School is a member of one of our eight classes. Class placement is determined after careful consideration of a student’s Entrance Exam results. Think of your class as an extended family during your time at Rokugan High School; they are people who will be ready to support you for the rest of your life.

The older students in your class – your sempai – will be happy to provide guidance, showing newer students the ins and outs of life at Rokugan High. Younger students will, in turn, look to you for that same guidance. Work together as a class, and you can overcome any difficulty!

Each class is divided into several houses. Each house has its own building on campus, complete with living arrangements, eating facilities, dojos, and anything else necessary to the house’s success. Each house is expected to oversee and maintain one of the many clubs and extracurricular activities offered at the school. While faculty and staff are there to provide guidance and advice in these endeavors, it is up to the students to see to the day-to-day operation and overall success of their house’s club.

A class is directed by its sempai, a senior selected by his or her peers. While younger students might refer to any of their elders as sempai, the official title is given only to one student per class each year.

Each year, the eight classes are in competition to prove their excellence. In addition to grades, each class is expected to show adherence to the Code of Conduct, skill in combat and magic, and an ability to work together to achieve common goals. Again, the students are largely on their own here, and faculty and staff are meant to take an advisory role. At the end of each academic year the class that has most excelled in all areas will be chosen by the Headmaster to head the student government in the following year.


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