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  • Moshi Eevee

    Eevee is a promising young member of the Moshi family, who believed her acceptance to Rokugan High School meant that she would go on to be an accomplished Moshi shugenja, or at least a passable duelist. She never imagined she would end up in the …

  • Asahina Kazemaru

    A bishonen of the highest degree, Kazemaru is aware that he would have been quite the lady-killer if he had stayed with the Crane. Among the Mantis, he is supremely annoyed to find that he is often mistaken for a girl. More to come!

  • Yoritomo Kyouko

    Kyouko is the quintessential tomboy, rising to any challenge and overcoming it with style. Her inner restlessness makes her seek out bigger and bigger challenges - not because she has any real desire for popularity or praise (though those are nice), but …

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