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  • Moshi Eevee

    Eevee is a promising young member of the Moshi family, who believed her acceptance to Rokugan High School meant that she would go on to be an accomplished Moshi shugenja, or at least a passable duelist. She never imagined she would end up in the …

  • Doji Kanoko

    Despite her enrollment as a Crane at Rokugan High never having really been in question, Kanoko is nevertheless incredibly excited to finally be following in her big sister's footsteps at the prestigious school. Her cheerful demeanor and winning smile …

  • Asahina Kazemaru

    A bishonen of the highest degree, Kazemaru is aware that he would have been quite the lady-killer if he had stayed with the Crane. Among the Mantis, he is supremely annoyed to find that he is often mistaken for a girl. More to come!

  • Bayushi Satoshi

    Satoshi is one of Rokugan High's most promising young swordsmen. Despite being thrown out of a number of kendo dojos, he passed his entrance exam with flying colors and was placed in the Scorpion class. He is generally aloof unless he spies a challenge, …

  • Shosuro Natori

    A talkative young lady with a fascination for mystery novels, Natori fancies herself an amateur investigator. She is especially interested in learning things others don't want her to know.

  • Yoritomo Kyouko

    Kyouko is the quintessential tomboy, rising to any challenge and overcoming it with style. Her inner restlessness makes her seek out bigger and bigger challenges - not because she has any real desire for popularity or praise (though those are nice), but …

  • Kakita Koji

    Koji's grandfather was three-time world kendo champion Kakita Kondo. Having inherited Kondo's sword over the summer, Koji is determined to live up to the blade's legacy. He was embarrassed by Kusori during orientation when the art student tricked him …

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