Yoritomo Kyouko

Forward, brash and loudmouthed, nevertheless a loyal friend in times of need.


Yoritomo Bushi
Grade Level: 1
Insight: 136
Popularity: 1.0
Honor: 3.5
Status: 1.0

Air 2: Reflexes 2, Awareness 2
Earth 3: Stamina 3, Willpower 3
Fire 2: Agility 2, Intelligence 2
Water 3: Strength 3, Perception 3
Void 2: Void Points 2/2

Athletics 3
Commerce 1
Defense 2
Iaijutsu 3
Jiujutsu (Improvised Weapons) 1
Kenjutsu 2
Knives (Kama) 3
Sailing 1

Daredevil (2): +3k1 to Athletics when spending Void Points
Touch of Yume-Do (5): Recover Void Points after just four hours of rest

Greedy (4): Attempts to use Temptation [Bribery] on Kyouko gain +1k1
Lechery (2): Attempts to use Temptation [Seduction] on Kyouko gain +1k1

Way of the Mantis: No penalties for rough or uneven terrain. No loss of Glory or Honor for using Improvised or Peasant weapons. No penalties for using Small or Medium Peasant weapons in off hand. +1k0 to all attack rolls


Kyouko is the quintessential tomboy, rising to any challenge and overcoming it with style. Her inner restlessness makes her seek out bigger and bigger challenges – not because she has any real desire for popularity or praise (though those are nice), but because if she didn’t she would be terribly bored.

She makes friends easily, approaching anyone she finds interesting with an intent of getting to know them. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, though sometimes her attempts to help cause more trouble due to her rambunctious nature.

Kyouko also has difficulty thinking ahead or learning from mistakes, and seems to live entirely in the present moment.

Yoritomo Kyouko

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