Shosuro Natori

She loves a good mystery, and her favorite mystery is what other people are hiding.


Bayushi Courtier
New Student (Rank 1)
Insight 120
Honor 2.5, Popularity 1.0, Status 1.0

Air 2: Reflexes 2, Awareness 4
Earth 2: Willpower 2, Stamina 2
Fire 2: Agility 2, Intelligence 3
Water 2: Strength 2, Perception 3
Void 2 Void Points 2/2

Calligraphy 3
Courtier (Gossip) 3
Etiquette 3
Games: Sadane 2
Investigation (Search, Notice) 5: May retry Search once with no increase to TN
Lore: Underworld 1
Sincerity (Deceit) 1
Temptation (Bribery) 2

Weakness Is My Strength: Gain a Free Raise on Contested Social Rolls for every 3 points of Disadvantages opponent has. Gain a Free Raise when using Courtier skill to spread gossip, may conceal that you are the source of gossip without raising.

Precise Memory (3): +1k1 to Intelligence rolls to remember details
Read Lips (3): Requires Perception roll (TN 15 +5 for every twenty feet of distance)

Fascination: Mysteries (1): Cannot resist urge to learn secrets and solve mysteries.
Rumormonger (5): Willpower roll to resist spreading rumors (TN 5x Popularity Rank of subject)

Equipment: Expertly-Tailored Uniform, Wakizashi, Tanto, Calligraphy Set, Impressive Collection of Mystery Novels, Energy Bars, Stylish Yet Sensible Shoes, Mirror, Pet Canary, Mask, Flashlight w/ Extra Batteries, Compact Audio Recorder, 5 koku

Armor TN: 15
Wakizashi: Medium, Samurai, 4k2 damage, throw up to 20 feet.
Tanto: Small, 3k1 damage


A talkative young lady with a fascination for mystery novels, Natori fancies herself an amateur investigator. She is especially interested in learning things others don’t want her to know.

Shosuro Natori

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