Moshi Eevee

an unusually honorable "guest" of the Crane


House: Crane
Grade: 1
Club: Daidoji Iron Warrior (can’t remember what club we converted it to)
Total Experience Points: 45
Insight: 139

Earth: 2 Stamina 2 Willpower 2
Water: 2 Strength 2 Perception 2
Air: 2 Reflexes 3 Awareness 2
Fire: 3 Agility 3 Intelligence 3
Void: 2

Honor: 7.5
Popularity: 0

Club Skills:
Battle 1 / Perc / 3k2
Defense 3 / Ref / 6k3 / when in full Defense, may choose to retain previous Defense roll
Iaijutsu 4 / Ref / 6k3 / may ready katana as a free action
Kenjutsu 2 / Agi / 5k3 / specialty: katana
Kyujutsu 1 / Ref / 4k3 / affected by Doubt .: must add 5 to TN

Other Skills:
Athletics 2 / Str / 4k2
Calligraphy 1 / Int / 4k3
Courtier 4 / Awa / 5k2 / +3 insight
Ettiquette 2 / Awa / 4k2
Tea Ceremony 2 / Void / 4k2
Sincerity 2 / Awa / 4k2
Commerce 2 / Int / 5k3

Initiative 4k3

Un-“translated” equipment:
Sturdy Clothing
Heavy weapon or polearm
travelling pack
10 koku

Club Technique
Grade 1: Force of Honor
Bonus of honor rank -4 to wounds at each rank with a minimum bonus of 1
gain +1k0 to all attacks in attack stance

[We rolled on the tables in the Great Clans books; I took my ads/disads as a Mantis, not a Crane, I hope that’s okay?]

Blood of Osano-Wo – 2 points (-1 for Mantis, -1 for background table roll)
no natural weather penalties or damage
any natural weather force spell rolls at -1k1 damage against me
Quick Healer – 3 points
stamina considered +2 ranks for purposes of healing
Balance – 2 points
+1k0 vs Intimidation or Temptation when adding Honor to resist
Virtuous – 3 points
+1 honor

Hostage – 3 points
Bitter Betrothal – 2 points (escort)
Gaijin Name – 1 point
Doubt – 4 points – Kyujutsu

Doubtful Archer
Gain 1 XP the first time you make a Kyujutsu roll affected by Doubt
Gain 3 XP the first time you gain or lose Popularity through use of Kyujutsu
Gain 10 XP when you publicly display mastery of Kyujutsu, or when you swear never to take up the bow again

Caught Between Two Classes
Gain 1 XP the first time you visit the Mantis Class while wearing Crane colors COMPLETE
Gain 3 XP the first time you find yourself enjoying a Crane event, or sneak away to be with the Mantis. COMPLETE
Gain 10 XP when you significantly aid the Mantis by betraying the Crane, or vice-versa


Eevee is a promising young member of the Moshi family, who believed her acceptance to Rokugan High School meant that she would go on to be an accomplished Moshi shugenja, or at least a passable duelist.

She never imagined she would end up in the Crane house.

As usually is the case, the circumstances were quite beyond her control: the Mantis and Crane houses had made agreements the year before to ally, and as with the alliances of many years past, it was cemented with an exchange of honored students.

Naturally, exchanging low-scoring students that were later in their Rokugani careers would be an insult: they would get the chance to diversify in their extracurriculars, but they would be fairly useless to the house that received them. And so the Mantis chose a young student with good records who had proven already that she held herself to a higher standard, but who showed no particularly brilliant affinity for the clubs they had shown interest in.

And so despite quietly wanting to make her family proud by augmenting the ranks of the shungenja, Eevee ended up in the Daidoji kendo club, being told that if she had any sense she would never need to pick up the arrow and bow of her old housemates. In fact, she was allowed by her club mates only cursory time with the weapon, and despite her natural proficiency, it was reiterated time and time again that the superior technique was with her daisho.

Indeed, with how little she has handled a bow and arrow since beginning orientation, she has begun to believe she will never draw one again— at least not in her high school career. And surely if she doesn’t handle one the entirety of her high school career, she surely won’t be able to compete when she reaches university, even on an amateur level. The thought of facing the handful of uncles and aunts that had spent their time at Rokugan High in the ranks of the Tsuruchi Archery Club with barely the ability to notch the arrow. That, far more than the discouragement from her fellow kendo club members, has kept her hands from the bow.

It could get worse, she was sure, but not by much.

And it wasn’t by much— not really. Not allowed to even do the most vague of Mantis activities, stuffed in with cram school preps and prom royalty to be, she was prepared for a preppy roommate that would be entirely too excited about everything.

And she got one. Who was also to be her ‘host’ while she was a ‘guest’ of the Crane. Who was openly gay.

This would have been just fine with Eevee if one of the Crane house’s most popular students hadn’t decided, seeing them together, that they would make the ‘most adorable couple ever!’

Apparently Eevee now has a girlfriend. This wasn’t something she’d planned on— sexual orientation having never particularly been something she’d thought about— and her less than instant answers regarding their ‘relationship’ have made her and her host Kanoko one of a few potential darling couples in the Crane house. Eevee is keenly aware that if she appears as anything other than quite close to Kanoko, it could be interpreted by the Crane that she is a resistant and even hostile guest, and the alliance between the Crane and the Mantis might completely dissolve.

It’s rather a lot for a freshman to handle, but to her credit Eevee seems to be handling it with grace, even elegance. Despite her lack of intimacy with the Crane social web, she has successfully navigated subtle intimidation and temptation both during the perilous orientation period.

Moshi Eevee

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