Kakita Koji

A callous student with an important legacy to live up to.


Kakita Bushi
Status 1.0
Popularity 1.0
Honor 6.5
Insight 138 (New Student)

Air 3: Awareness 3, Reflexes 3
Earth 2: Stamina 2, Willpower 2
Fire 2: Agility 3, Intelligence 2
Water 2: Strength 2, Perception 2
Void 3: Void Points 2/3

Acting 2
Defense 2
Etiquette 2
Iaijutsu (Focus) 3 – Readying a katana is a Free Action.
Kenjutsu 3
Kyujutsu 1
Meditation 2
Sincerity 2
Tea Ceremony 1

Way of the Crane: Add twice Iaijutsu rank to Initiative rolls. Gain +1k1 and School Rank to all attack and focus rolls while in Center Stance, or if you were in Center Stance last round.

Inheritance (Grandfather’s Katana) 5: +1k1 to skill rolls involving Grandfather’s Katana.

Driven 2: Driven to be a kendo champion.
Haunted 3: -1k1 to one roll per session after losing a duel. Regain favor by winning.
Insensitive 2: Must spend a Void Point to put self at risk for others.

Equipment: School Uniform (Light Armour), Daisho, Bow, 10 koku


Koji’s grandfather was three-time world kendo champion Kakita Kondo. Having inherited Kondo’s sword over the summer, Koji is determined to live up to the blade’s legacy. He was embarrassed by Kusori during orientation when the art student tricked him into forfeiting a duel.

Kakita Koji

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