Doji Kuroko

A powerful, well-connected junior with every intention of leading her class to victory.


More to come!


Kuroko is incredibly popular among the Crane class, and a word from her can make or break a student’s reputation. She never settles for anything less than the best, either for herself or for those she cares about. As such, she is utterly determined to unseat the Lion this year, putting the Crane at the head of Student Government next year. Coincidentally, that would be the same year she expects to become the Crane class’s sempai, effectively making her the most influential student in the school during her senior year.

Kuroko’s other major concern is looking out for her younger sister Kanoko. Kuroko considers her sister to be incredibly naive, and is devoting considerably time and energy to ensuring that Kanoko has a smooth transition into life at Rokugan High, free from any undue stresses or potential problems.

Doji Kuroko

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