Doji Kanoko

Always smiling, always cheerful, the kind of girl nothing ever seems to go wrong for.


Member of the Asahina Shugenja Club (Affinity: Air / Deficiency: Fire)
Insight 152 / New Student
Honor 6.5
Popularity 1.0
Status 1.0

Air 4 – Reflexes 4, Awareness 4
Earth 2 – Stamina 2, Willpower 2
Fire 2 – Agility 2, Intelligence 2
Water 2 – Strength 2, Perception 2
Void 3 – Current Void Points 3/3

Artisan: Origami 3
Bojutsu 1
Calligraphy (Cipher) 3
Commerce 1
Courtier 2
Etiquette 2
Lore: Theology 1
Meditation 2
Perform: Flute 2
Spellcraft 3
Tea Ceremony 2

The Soul’s Grace: May spend a Void Point to reduce damage rolls of all opponents withing 20 feet by 0k1. Lasts a number of rounds equal to grade level. Gain a Free Raise on all spells with the Defense keyword.

Darling of the Class – Crane (2) – Status is considered one rank higher among the Crane.
Ally – Kuroko (8)

Gulllible (4) – Others get +1k1 to Sincerity (Deceit) against Kanoko
Idealistic (2) – All of Kanoko’s Honor losses are increased by 1

School Uniform, Bo, Wakizashi, Magic Textbook, Designer Handbag, Tea Set, Flute, Calligraphy Set, Rice Cooker, Accessories For Any Occasaion, Small Collection of Shojo Manga, Sweets, Perfume, Cute Umbrella, Photo of Kuroko
10 koku

Sense, Commune, Summon, Blessed Wind (167), Legacy of Kaze-no-Kami (167), Token of Memory (167), Earth’s Touch (174), Path to Inner Peace (187), Reversal of Fortunes (188), The Kami’s Whisper (169), Call Upon the Wind (168), Summon Fog (170), Rejuvenating Vapors (189)

Armor TN 25
Wounds: Healthy 10, Nicked 14, Grazed 18, Hurt 22, Injured 26, Crippled 30, Down 34, Out 38
Bo: Large, 3k2 damage
Wakizashi: Medium, Samurai, 4k2 damage, May be thrown up to 10 feet.


Despite her enrollment as a Crane at Rokugan High never having really been in question, Kanoko is nevertheless incredibly excited to finally be following in her big sister’s footsteps at the prestigious school. Her cheerful demeanor and winning smile have made her many friends in her short time here, though she was responsible for the crushing disappointment of numerous boys in the first few weeks – Kanoko is openly and unashamedly a lesbian.

Kanoko seems to live a charmed life. Nothing ever quite seems to go wrong for her. Scorpion students whisper that this is the influence of her sister Kuroko, but the general consensus is that these students are just jealous.

Doji Kanoko

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