Bayushi Satoshi

A brash swordsman dedicated to humiliating his enemies.


Bayushi Bushi
Insight: 138
Grade: New Student (1)

Air 2: Reflexes 2, Awareness 2
Earth 2: Stamina 2, Willpower 2
Fire 3: Agility 3, Intelligence 3
Water 2: Strength 2, Perception 2
Void 3: Void Points 3/3

Courtier [Manipulation] 2
Defense 3
Etiquette 2
Iaijutsu 2
Lore: History 1
Kenjutsu 3
Ninjutsu 2
Sincerity 1
Stealth 2 (TN +5 due to Armor)

Clear Thinker: +1k0 to Contested Rolls against someone trying to confuse or manipulate.
Overconfident: Must make a Perception roll (TN 20) to back out of impossible odds.

Way of the Scorpion: +1k1 to Initiative rolls, +5 Armor TN against attackers with lower Initiative.

Honor 3.2
Popularity 1
Status 1

Armor TN 20 / Reduction 3 (Light Armor)

Shuriken: Small, 1k1 damage, may be thrown up to 25 feet
Katana: Medium, Samurai, 5k2 damage, may spend 1 Void Point to add +1k1 to damage.
Wakizashi: Medium, Samurai, 4k2 damage, may be thrown up to 20 feet.


Satoshi is one of Rokugan High’s most promising young swordsmen. Despite being thrown out of a number of kendo dojos, he passed his entrance exam with flying colors and was placed in the Scorpion class. He is generally aloof unless he spies a challenge, and rarely says anything that isn’t a taunt or a come-on.

Bayushi Satoshi

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