Rokugan High School

Orientation, Part III

Ready to Begin

Kusori takes Kyouko to a tea house just off campus. There, he asks Kyouko to permanently scar Satoshi in the upcoming duel, so that Kusori will have something to hold over the Scorpion’s head forever. The suggestion makes the usually unflappable Kyouko incredibly uncomfortable, and Kusori eventually backs off – but the damage is done.

Meanwhile, Eevee introduces Kanoko to her friend Shirou, who appears enamored with a nearby student quietly reading on a bench. Eevee is forced to break the news to Shirou that the student is in fact a boy, and is the Crane’s transfer to the Mantis class, Asahina Kazemaru. Shirou almost immediately shifts his attentions to Kanoko, but Eevee asks him to back off at Kanoko’s request.

When Kusori and Kyouko return to campus, Eevee suspects that something is wrong when Kyouko rushes to the Mantis dojo. She goes to visit Kyouko and, while helping her blow off steam with a training dummy, learns what happened at the tea house. She encourages Kyouko, and the two head off to the apponinted spot for the duel.

Satoshi has arrived early, and is taking the opportunity to show off. When Kusori and company arrive, barbs are exchanged and Kyouko is introduced as Kusori’s champion. The two students assume their iaijutsu stances, and draw simultaneously. The fight is a draw.

Kuroko would have preferred an early victory for the Crane, but will take a draw over a loss any day. Though she is perturbed that Eevee found a Mantis champion for Kusori rather than a Kakita student, she grudgingly congratulates the victorious students. Kusori, brash from what he considers a victory, says just a little too much and Kuroko figures out that he is the author of the poem about her circulating the campus. Though they talk about the poem’s author as though it were an acquaintance of Kusori’s, Kuroko reminds him that she is not someone he wants as his enemy.

Kusori, relieved that his is not about to be cut to pieces anymore, invites those students involved to an impromptu party at his apartment. Before the guests arrive, Eevee confronts him. She tells him in no uncertain terms that she won’t tolerate him ruining her reputation just because they have been thrown together by fate. She insists that he shape up or suffer the consequences. Shaken by the encounter, Kusori apologizes to Kyouko for putting her on the spot earlier.

After the party, the group decides to take a boat out on the river and set off some fireworks. Eevee goes to the Crab campus to get the fireworks from a Yasuki student, while Kusori goes to the Phoenix campus to invite Michiru along to enhance the show. The students traveling on the boat are Eevee, Kusori, Shirou, Kanoko, Kyouko, Michiru and Kazemaru.

The boat is out late, and the students find their boat beset by kappas. The surprise attack leaves Michiru injured, but the students drive the creatures off. Kanoko heals Michiru with magic, and the students return to campus to prepare for their first day of classes.



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