Rokugan High School

Orientation, Part II

The wheels begin to turn

Eevee and Kusori rush to the Crane’s Orientation Dinner, arriving with time to spare. The most interesting people in the room turn out not to be any of the assembled Crane students, but the two Scorpions who have, in keeping with their class’s tradition, crashed the party. Kusori is so intrigued by the pair that he conspires to get a seat at the same table as them. In doing so, he earns the ire of a Kakita student, who challenges the artist to a duel then and there.

In a bold move, Kusori perfectly mimics an iaijutsu stance he had seen on TV. Despite the fact that Kusori barely knows the right way to hold a sword, the Kakita student is so taken aback by Kusori’s “flawless form” that he acknowledges the artist as the winner and hastily departs.

As dinner progresses, students are called upon to present their talents to their fellows. Eevee makes an impressive showing with her katana, but her thunder is stolen by the Scorpion boy Bayushi Satoshi. He insists that Kusori, who has just now shown himself to be the freshman class’s preeminent swordsman, duel him then and there. Knowing that Satoshi will not back off, Kusori accepts the challenge but refuses to assume a proper stance, forcing the Scorpion to either strike an unready opponent or wait.

To Kusori’s surprise and relief, Satoshi waits (albeit impatiently) for the next two hours. For the rest of the dinner, Eevee converses with some fellow students. She meets the other Scorpion, a chatty girl named Shosuro Natori. Eevee accidentally lets it slip to the Scorpion that Kusori is the author of the scathing poem about Doji Kuroko. She also meets a friendly soccer player named Daidoji Kentaro, who reassures her about her transfer from the Mantis.

Curfew arrives, and Satoshi and Kusori are forced to postpone their duel until the following day. Kuroko decides to take control of the situation, as a victory for Kusori would create an early lead for the Crane this year. Eevee, Kusori, Kanoko and Kuroko discuss strategy and they decide that it is best if they find a suitable champion for Kusori. Since Kuroko never specified the champion had to be a Crane, Eevee takes Kusori and Kanoko to the Mantis Floating Campus. She offers three koku to any student who can beat Satoshi, and the Mantis delegate the incredibly forward Yoritomo Kyouko.

After negotiating payment with Eevee, Kyouko insists that Kurori “at least take the girl who’s saving your ass out to lunch,” and drags him off for an impromptu date.



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