Rokugan High School

Orientation, Part I

This isn't how it was supposed to be...

Moshi Eevee arrives for her first day at Rokugan High School, and is devastated to learn that she has been traded to the Crane Class. Much of the day is a confused haze for her, until she is finally able to gather her thoughts at the Crane’s welcoming assembly. There, utterly alone and miserable, Eevee starts a conversation with Kusori, a fellow student.

During the assembly, the pair are introduced to the upperclassman Doji Kuroko. Kuroko’s speech informs them that the new students are to pair off and present something to show their value to the class at tomorrow evening’s Class Dinner. Lacking any friends (or even acquaintances) beyond each other, Eevee and Kusori agree to work together. The assembly ends, but not before Kusori dashes off and circulates an anonymous poem blasting Kuroko’s pompous nature while disguising the insults as flowery praise.

The two go their separate ways for a time. Kusori wanders campus, eventually coming to an area where the new Phoenix students are practicing spellcraft. Kusori is approached by a faculty member, who chides the rebellious youngster for failing to wear his proper uniform. The conversation is cut short when a Phoenix student accidentally douses Kusori with a water spell.

Kusori strikes up a conversation with the Phoenix girl, Isawa Michiru. She seems impressed by his demeanor, and he half-jokingly gives her advice about aiming her spells in the future. Michiru seems to take the advice to heart.

Meanwhile, Eevee has gone to the Mantis region of campus, and is practicing archery with her friend Shirou. The two trade barbs as Shirou tries to make Eevee feel better about being traded. He shows her up at archery, however, which doesn’t really help. He also asks Eevee to send him pictures if her roommate is cute.

Afterward, Eevee returns to her room, where she meets her incredibly cheerful roommate Kanoko. Kanoko, it turns out, is the younger sister of the imperious Kuroko. She is also an expert at origami, which impresses Eevee somewhat.

Eevee and Kusori meet up to plan something for the class dinner. Kusori suggests that he will forge a sword, which Eevee can display her talent with. Despite working all night in the school’s weaponsmithing shop, Kusori overextends himself and fails to finish the weapon. The two settle on adding decoration to the sword Eevee already has, and the two rush off to attend the event.



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