Rokugan High School

First Week of Classes

"Girlfriends" defend Kusori from a vengeful Kakita

Kusori and Eevee choose classes for the semester, and start studying, knowing that as soon as the semester has started, it will end. Eevee finds quickly that she has all the same classes as fellow Daidoji Soccer Club member, Daidoji Kentaro.

Out and about Eevee and Kanoko are surprised by sophomore ?, known as the Crane house’s best matchmaker. Upon beholding them, ? exclaims they are an adorable couple, pressing them to come out to the rest of the house (and school), and Eevee loses face trying to get away from the overwhelming young woman— mumbling furiously and obviously about having a ton of homework and departing too quickly to be as polite as she ought to be to the older students.

Kusori, somewhat quiet and present, doodles a sketch of ? as a towering monster during the incident, folds it, and presents it to ? as a gift; she accepts it without looking at it and hands the doodle, titled “the mating call of ???, a closeted lesbian in her natural habitat”, to one of her flunkies to be put with the rest… to be found sometime in the future.

They beeline for the athletic fields, where Kanoko and Eevee agree to appear to be a couple because it seems they have no choice. Eevee says that Kanoko is free to ‘leave’ her for someone more suitable as soon as she likes, and that if she had even thought of a female as a suitor, she would certainly think of Kanoko first. They leave it awkward and unresolved.

Kusori goes to the library, where he meets Shosuro Natori, returning a stack of mystery novels. She confesses to dearly wanting to be a mystery novel writer; she loves to figure out the end before it’s revealed. Kusori admits he’s not sure what he wants to do: he’s at Rokugan High because his father had nothing else to do with him, and he has no real ambitions. Kusori proclaims that surely he will find one here, and she will use her abilities as a sleuth to determine what it is, even if it’s before Kusori knows himself. She leaves him to study.

He makes a valiant attempt at studying, but finds himself distracted quickly. His wandering attention lights on a couple of Lion students in the History section, who are playing a card game. He doodles them squashed under a huge rock inscribed “History” and presents them with the image, asking for their advice to improve it. They don’t understand the symbolism, and suggest that if he is to enhance it, he should ‘give history the face of our ancestors, for we are those who write history’. He accepts that advice graciously, albeit a little sarcastically.

Curfew fast approaches, and Kusori is headed back to the dorms alone; he is confronted in an out of the way location by Kakita Koji, the duelist who bowed to his ‘superior’ talent when Kusori brilliantly imitated the stance of a master during the Crane dinner. Koji is flanked by two Hida, to whom he has promised Crane blood.

Kusori stalls for as long as he can, and it is a tense moment indeed that Eevee and Kanoko walk into: Eevee drops her athletics bag, grabs her daisho, and moves quickly between the Crab and Kusori, asking them what the trouble is. The Hida say there is no trouble for her: she retorts that surely there can be no trouble for her nor her friends, Kusori and Koji. She tries to convince Koji that she had thought the incident of conceding to a false master was part of the theater of the moment, and offers to do her best to improve his lost reputation.

Koji sees through her attempt to absolve Kusori, and it is Kusori himself who convinces Koji to step down: he speaks plainly, saying that it was not his intent to damage the Kakita’s reputation, and that this kind of House infighting, involving another House, would only serve to undermine the Crane’s bid of supremacy. He says he is willing to publicly apologize for deceiving Koji, and Koji accepts said offer, calling off the ‘hit’ on Kusori.

The Crab, of course, are unhappy about being deprived of their opportunity to crush a Crane tonight. As a response, Kusori begins to make them paper cranes— but is interrupted by a good old-fashioned Hida fist to the face.

In the ensuing skirmish, one of the Hida is crippled, the other wounded, but not without doing significant damage to both Koji and Eevee, the former of whom is knocked entirely unconscious by a baseball-tetsubo-bat. Kanoko proves invaluable, her few ineffective healing spells outweighed by a well-timed Change of Fortune spell that helps Eevee find a few chinks in the Crabs’ shells. Kusori, being unable to fight or spellcast, calls Kuroko, telling her that Kanoko is being attacked by Crab.

Just as Koji is knocked out and Eevee finds herself having to defend herself, Kanoko, and Kusori from two only partially cooked Crabs, Kuroko descends with a flock of Iron Crane, and as the Hida flee, Eevee chooses that moment to shout a reminder after them: “Remember the next time you attack a Crane: we come in flocks!”

Eevee, Kusori and Koji are fixed up by some of Kanoko’s classmates, and the three of them agree on a tentative friendship.



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