Welcome to Rokugan High School!

Congratulations on passing your Entrance Exams and choosing to attend this esteemed place of learning! For years, Rokugan High School has educated the best and the brightest, preparing the youth of today to lead us into a brighter tomorrow.

As you know from your acceptance letter, your Entrance Exam results have placed you in one of our eight classes. Your class was carefully selected to best allow your particular strengths, both as a student and as a person, to flourish. For the next five years, your class is your family and closest network of peers. As per the school’s Code of Conduct, each member of a class will be expected to aid and support his or her classmates to the fullest extent of their abilities, remember the fable of the feudal warlord and his three sons; a single shaft can be broken across the knee, but several shafts bound together are unbreakable.

If you have any questions about your class placement, feel free to refer to the Student Handbook. It can offer you information about each of the classes, as well as help you get accustomed to campus life.

Again, congratulations on your decision to attend Rokugan High School. We know you will be an asset to the school and to your class.

Headmaster Hantei

Rokugan High School

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